Integrated IIoT solution for monitoring and technical support of industrial infrastructure

What does FixFLOW include?

Components of the solution
  • Front End hardware and sensors for monitoring signals in industrial processes and machine data logging
  • IIoT hardware and software for registering signals from industrial controllers and accumulation of historical process data
  • AI/ML software to analyze observed trends and predict upcoming problems in equipment performance
  • Workflow component for initiating and managing the notification processes in order to eliminate emergencies
What are the benefits of implementing FixFLOW in your organization?
  • Increases the availability in operation of the monitored facilities whilst reduces downtime in the events of troubleshooting
  • Eliminates costs for unexpected and urgent repairs by 40%!
How is FixFLOW implemented?
  • Implemented "from scratch" in the user's work environment
  • Integrates as an industrial front-end into the user's work environment
  • Added to the user's existing process management system - ERP, MRP, EDM or other - without the need for additional costs for refinements and integration

 Solution architecture and e-processes

  • Production lines
  • Energy, discrete manufacturing and process production
  • Vehicles, routes and other objects of logistics
  • Any other electro-mechanical systems and equipment controlled by intelligent industrial controllers