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dataFRUIT - what is it?

dataFRUIT is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution which enables real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of processes, resources, and systems across the production line and the supply chain by connecting low-energy, low-maintenance, high-performance devices.

dataFRUIT IIoT hardware can operate in real-time – standalone or on top of SCADA systems in challenging environments, across a single architecture from PLC or sensor to cloud, and address industry-specific requirements, such as functional safety and security. 

dataFRUIT dashboards

Hydro Power Plant

Parameters being monitored

Common information
  • Site/Asset location (HPP)
  • Energy produced by period selected
  • Averace active power
  • Water level at intake
  • Runtime diagram
  • Smooth or Accident stops

Remote Monitoring, Preventive notification and Prediction of future events for electro-mechanical equipment...

  • Еnergy
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Logistics and transport...